Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most productive

He would say it was most productive
as he sucked down his tea
in wooden chambers squatting
as the rose lay sleeping

and the stars ignored
poured another glass of whiskey
maybe took another snort
nothing to report.
I want to be a submarine
or maybe an airplane
Forget why I came
lose my name
and all the thoughts of what I should be.
a torch in one hand
a scythe in the other
under a red dot sun
world undone.
The black snake lumbers
oozing along
While the cat smiles
why so serious?
"we've been shedding his skin,
he's nearly clean,
but then he just makes another
got us hustling."
Somewhere there's a cabin in the woods
we can leave this all behind
but it would all just follow
no way escaping life.
We're all just a pin point prick
in the glorious hive mind.
know your role
do what you're told
help carry the load.
I'm not done apologizing I guess
for my one day clean
for my acceptance
satisfaction being me
for my bliss
to just be.

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