Friday, February 10, 2012

The way

Cold and dead inside,
suits me just fine.
Take my crazy out for a ride,
with wounded pride,
just to be amused.
There's a carnival of madness
wanna take a ride?
Ferris wheel with no bars
freak show center stage
An animal
in a cage
set free
motherfucking rage.
Desire just to watch
the motherfucker burn
desire to watch the world burn.
desire to kill them all.
Just because I desire to
Storm the beach
in a black scuba suit
blonde hair streaming
like a Nordic God rising from the apocalypse.
Making a statement with blood and pain
free falling into hell
red eyed demons
teeth sharp gnashing
making spirits rise.
One child at a time.
"Where's your Moses now"?
We've bought the golden calf
with the turning of the souls
and it gleams in the sun
We all can't get what we want
So we'll just get some
take some, leave some
and bury the dead with the tears
of a mother, father
justice for all.
And what'd you say Billy?
"There's no good nor bad
but only thinking makes it so."

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