Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Might as well accept
what I am
screaming banshee in the night
mug shot
deserving of fate
to fuck me in the ass
and run
motherfucking run.
Thinking of my love
so sweet and welcoming
two fisted-fuck
bye bye brain.
Stood by me through all the bullshit
no drama
I'm outside looking in always
reporting what I see
"Captain the ship is run aground
deployment at an all time high"
Shits gonna hit the fan
in a quiet way
in a stealth way
We saw it coming
at a loss to help
news at 11.
Smile and buy
baby it's all right.
We fucked like animals
happy in our slime
saw you come undone
pus and blood
breaking apart
oozing from your face
replaced by a smiling swine
ninety nine
mother fucking balloons.
The wheat waves under a bright sun
gleaming yellow browns
the smell of straw dogs
brings the hammer
the scycle
muddy boots
lost coats
Safe public owned companies
put the needle in your arm
one stop brain support
builds their toilets of gold
the water the safest place to be.
Move the ships in
coordinate Sparta
no way out.
When there's no way in.
The channel is narrow
the mountain is high.
Ground work is set
so soon
Brother can you spare a quarter?
Do you think the lion sleeps?
Waiting to pounce
complete and utter change.