Wednesday, January 4, 2012

White cotton panties

So white and fresh
the crow with red eyes
flies through my mind
says, "kill them all"
I have come to be
in the conjunction of three
where all points meet
and "I stand before you now
in your hour of need."
Suits with pens
suits with papers
suits with nothing to be
but money trees
and a struggle to be
no matter what the cost.
Want the change
the order
first breath to the last
was there something you forgot?
to remember?
Me too
but slowly I remember
the sword falls
the whispers of smiley faces
in a prison of more
than conformity
wipe away their faces
replace them with your face
just because you're in charge.
7 million
magic number
in a sea of yellow
storms one purple man
I hear you wanna go
get on the train
one by one
to the promised land.

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  1. What imageboard did you post this to? Do you know how we could chat again?