Thursday, March 8, 2012


a narrow part of various devices, as a tool or bolt, connecting the end by which the object is held or moved with the end that acts upon another object.
My soul is in a wooden box
buried under the ground.
My personality is spread
on a table for rats.
There is no forward or back
only here and now.
Smiles in the jungle.
Can you feel the eagle coming for you?
Laughter from monkeys
squatting in the mud. 
What do you know of
the deep places we hide?
Africa is a wasteland of hopelessness
with God on our side.
We've plotted the course
if one falls three will stand up to take 
their place.
Get them while they're young
raise them up
the way you want them to go
and the plan will not falter.
Kill the strongest one
to make the others fall in line.
The weakest will make them strong
all about numbers.
An army without direction
will be easily lead.
Keep me occupied on your string
move me 
capture me
keep the bee queen immobile.
The nothing of nothing which is nothing.
needs to go into the jungle
but remember
it is the underlying hopelessness
which needs to be solved
not the ones who think
they have the answer
Kill one
three pop up
to take his place.  

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