Friday, January 20, 2012

4 walls

4 walls coffin
living dead man
deceased breathing in dust
wishing for the sun
never comes
trees sleeping
bowing corpses
canopy of ice
sleet drums a beat
can't dance
when life's slipping away
the slope too high
no reason to be anyway.
Ice sprites
midnight nights
translucent wings
call up the spirit of the north
to blow away
wreckage left
by the stone gargoyles
their silent
of no reply.
From another world entombed
ever watching from my room
as yet to see them fly
anywhere but in my mind.
It's all got too serious
just nowhere to run
no more purple skies
no way out
from the day to day
warmth on my skin
submerged in a lake of fire
doing the back stroke
right into hell.

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