Friday, January 20, 2012

It was a Southern Man

Times were bad
it was a different time
one way to get ur bread
was to stand in line
holes in both my shoes
sweet song
the blues all night long.
God how my heart could sing
Something strange
words through the walls
and the talk down the street
something going down
everybody gotta come and see
In the middle of a train yard
next to a broken down burnt tree
Doors open headlights shining
like eyes in the dark
Grab the bat grab my hat
(aint goin nowhere without that)

walk with care
no tellin what we gonna find
crowd out there
standin around
Alpha lead
point the way
first to tell
make decisions
everything gonna be okay
Van wide open
look inside
potato bags
cut em open
plastic bags inside
Look around
this gift we found
for us
not the government
Talk among decide
lets get this shit out of the cold
back inside
By the fire
a little coal
burning black
a little kerosene
Heavy bags
25 in all
stacked em way up high
Dole em out later
opened the first bag
mixed 2 cups with some flour
cast iron
Snuck just a bite
Motherfucker take flight
dancing free
outside turning in so much win
back to myself
gotta do it again.
No way to keep it at bay
lining up 10 a day
for a moment
gray was yellow
black was white
24 down one left
knock knock knock knock
death is at the door
how will you send them?
when the powder's all gone?
Spider web
tentacles of doom
I will send them four by four
Brother in the street
sister in the alleyway
blow jobs for crack
ass fucks'll get you a cap
lying down in shit
piss in the corner
you're alive.
lay down with the dogs
root with the pigs
nobody gives a fuck anymore.
Smack each other on the back
spit some chew
drink some whiskey
"we got em good"
down in the hood
Niggahs be fucking crazy
roody poos
bad as Jews

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