Thursday, February 16, 2012


Wounded but not beaten
licking my blood
in a corner alone
Approach at your own risk
Won't hesitate
to rip you to shreds.
Feet firmly planted
grows wild flowers at noon
to watch their demise
when the sun ceases to shine.
Transitory it is
and will always be
Always wanted to stop time
and that we did
in our island
together; alone
we took everything
love had to give
and swallowed it whole.
No regrets.
I don't know how to be happy
what it means to be loved
the building we tried to build
to bits
by my own hand
for no reason.
Just because.
People pray for deliverance
a moment in time
for a taste of the wine
we drank so freely
with smiles and laughs
one soft kiss
the words:
"everything's alright"
I gathered it all in my arms
took it between my out stretched hands
and choked the life out of it
just to watch it bleed.

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