Saturday, February 18, 2012


The eagle has landed
nesting in the tall trees
as the power of three
stands waiting
Wolves howl
with no regard
as the blade comes down
Have to say it was blue that day
cigarette smoking
bad movies
with too much feeling
is a blonde-eyed boy
with much too much
I told you so.
What if they realize?
What if they know?
Who's the hand to the plow
where with what will we sow?
I don't know.
Playground of the gods
feet firmly planted
gets too many mbps
to black attitudes
in dusty places.
My throat is dry
my heart is hard
I will take yours
and make it mine.
is a spot of black
in between
a mosque of redemption
for some suspected crime
never committed.
All four points made
a treasure to be laid.

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