Thursday, February 16, 2012

I would

I would walk on my knees
on broken glass
dangle from a noose
on my toes
be tied to a tree
beaten till I bleed
if you'd just come back  to me.
Put me in a cage with a wounded tiger
let him maul me
take your knife
strip my flesh
my skull smiling
If you'd come back to me.
My soul is crying
my heart is breaking
I sacrificed our love
at the altar of my words
just to make them flow
but I could be that girl
not a poet
but the sleeping, smiling, satisfied girl
who you love
your sweetheart you said
lonely now in a king sized bed
the queen of nothing.
Put your brand
in a white hot  fire
sizzle me
drizzle me
with your cum.
I know your penis misses me.
Ask him, he'll tell you as much
misses my touch
my lips.
my kiss.
I'm dying here.
Draw and quarter me
chain me up
tie my useless limbs
to four horses
rip me
would that be enough?
To make you come back to me?
I just miss,
love you so much.

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