Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Maybe just lies
gone globalized
getting high
chronic conditions
in the house.
Step up to the plate
the swinger has a bat
but tired of all that.
Gonna play some other sport.
Dreams while quietly sleeping
has taken the wallpaper
to cover the closet.
Water, smoke, and fire
a cloud appears
snorlax I choose you.
Metaphysical delights
tramped into the dirt
the dust
the loss
is lodged in my belly
taking it to the grave.
Be assured truth is not always true
lies either
just step back
It's amazing how
pain makes the colors more vivid
how agony
seems to make life more real
only pain and sex
from beginning to end.
Soul sucker
I can breathe again
all the false gods
are stripped of their raiment
my soul runs clean
A thousand options
a hundred places to be.
Someone to stand
under a tree
in a stream
and fuck the shit out of me....

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