Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the air

You really want to hear?
what's in the air?
Men around tables
deciding the fate
amass the masses
can't let it happen.
Gotta segregate.
Coming together comparing notes
Spain, Russia, the Netherlands
Sweden the Croats
Need to meditate
The snake wraps around the di
cutting off the power of the mob
the mob screams in zero's in ones
must sew the bag shut
drop the kittens in the creek
must not be
mountain tops
the gray man,
the Englishman,
knocks at the red door
the universe lies beyond
the fog runs quickly
out and beyond
We have, we are, we want
"It's the stars we're after."
Calculating the way
We have we are we want.
Funny money isn't as important
as information.
I know I'm bound in
this bubble
a cardboard box
just walls
like any other wall
meant to climb over.
The means
the frequency
in every home
Betty Mother fucking crocker.
There's laughter in the sand
you rage you lose
I fuckin rage
Mabel when you get your cable
make sure you wear your tin hat
schizophrenic rantings
of a powerless

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