Friday, January 20, 2012


All the strings which entangle
all the debris
we try to swim by
left from other crashes
mad dashes
in and outside our lives.
Craters of love
valleys left behind
rivers never forged
we've lived on
when a dove brought the olive branch
head in my hands
Never enough
Waiting for the hammer to fall,
The gods to turn the wheel,
transient all
leaves slowly
caressing streams
jostled by a fallen branch
laid to rest on a muddy pyre
the sounds of zen
trickling in my ears
but I'm deafened by my
desire to consume
desire to control
desire to lay claim
bring the dogs of hell
red flashes
writhing and gnashing of teeth.
want nothing;
always satisfied;
expect nothing;
never surprised.
Now residing with all this you
no idea what to do
you battered down the door
but I still hide
behind voices
side step degrees
and soul
yet not me.

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