Tuesday, June 4, 2013


He walks down the street
unnatural smile
too bright
no one can be so happy
what am i?
when I'm in power?
A dirty fap in front of a blurred image
in a steamed up bath.
He bows three times forward,
the smile never dims,
he's mad they say.
but i understand who is standing in front of him
if you were the crowned pet
of the dog of war
wouldn't you smile too? 
No fear.
I desire
to be in his hallucination.
I desire fruitloops fortunado.
speaking in tongues
rolling on the floor
mama's full of the spirit tonight
supper's on the stove
and we're all bout to cook.
Her blue face is satisfied
and Kali rewards
zombie killing with money and good weed.
I was just a pawn he said
in the great god wars
alien bounty hunters
keeping on the downlow.
but then you thought we were angels
good times
we were just you in disguise.
better close your eyes.
and we did.
for awhile.
till you started to wake up.
bees are such pesky things
they sting
they die
a sacrifice to my pain
a bee's life.
I am nothing
that is something
which is nothing.
I am.

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