Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In the middle of the floor
conduit light
raise up the door
gather the four
the gods want to dance.
phasing.release the space
out to within.
the only constant you know
another way.
anti gravity.
black holes.
swiss cheese
packed tightly
finger through the hole
the cheese remains.
what's observed is effected
balls of fire
from a little room
and tides.
but what about
what about what about
all work and no play make jack a dull guy.
zen the dude abides
cats and butterflys
batteries in the matrix
fueling your chess game
im tired of this
zombie me.
this where i'm supposed to be?
I missed the train.
dirty mattress
in a tenement
man spits phlegm into the trash can
having secrets he can keep.
cigarette teeth
rotting toes
how long
how many more minutes?
Does it go?
The revolution was photoshopped
the cake was a lie.
fuckity fuck i just want to die.
tv tell me why?
i i i i i
haven't wrote in a year.

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