Tuesday, June 4, 2013

tool time

Running with a pack of scraggly dogs
a sight it must have been
in the neighborhood
a girl about ten
there must have been 7 dogs in all
me then.
They followed in a straight line
right behind.
ach tung
you must do my bidding
i am in charge
Germany is sooooo quiet.
wonder what they're up to
since the wall came down?
a different breed indeed.
You rarely hear
a german did this a german did that.
maybe they're just trying
to improve rep
or maybe waiting.
when the economy crashes
stepping in to win.
careful or you'll do another rewrite.
we got your song.
 A small pieces of info goes a long way
The cows goes marching down the street
wreathes of flower bouquets
around soft hide
soon to be shoes.
Ya gazma edema.
Loud voices of unity
flock to a black rock
around around the black rock
written it is so
you must go.
Order out of chaos.
One spirit
five times a day
ready to move.
QWhat do you have?
A quiet signal is far too loud
no matter how many it takes out..
Japan is dancing happy
golden shores
eradicate the fall out
with smoke and mirrors.
the gods approve.

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