Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This prison cell
is murder
mask the glory hallelujah
with delightful sound
A winged elephant
hot air of the marketplace
sprawled closely
within houses at noon.
describe what i'm seeing
good weed and vivaldi.
Yes, I saw you pass
No I don't care.
no fear lives here.
just another day in the asylum
clawing my way out
one cigarette at a time.
the setup isn't bad
for now
monsters and running
i'm always stepping in with a sword
but it fuels his passion
i get no sleep.
I see and feel my wings
though others do not
filters dial em off.
vibrating in many frequencies at once
your's is just one.
Why we would need filters
everything happening at once
becomes nothing very boring
om tagayatee
bekinsigh bekinsigh
om tagayatee
ah durah
the red war machine
the hamster wheel is turning faster
now that's a people i would like to see wake up.
leave your jobs and move into the hills.
I want some.
beat me in the head with time.
I need an adventure.

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