Tuesday, June 4, 2013


who likes to eat after puking?
hungry guards look on
telling stories
the whole town knew
we went happy
they had no food.
Feeding off anger
was fun for awhile
but fear gave a better boost
don't scare them too much
they lose their minds
forget too much
easter island pyramids
can anyone pin point an actual story
passed down explaining
the day godzilla made a block building.
nope just a lot of drooling mindlessness.
one big jolt of fear
and it's gone.short circuited. unable to produce.
so had to wipe them all out and start again
oh i dunno tell em some shit about a flood
if they believe the snake story they'll believe anything.
a lament for beer in e sharp minor falling rifts of hallelujah fuck.
necromancer war hog
curling fingers to the samurai
unseen warrior hunting him in his dreams.
i present you my blade
to your throat and beyond.
much too loud much to proud
your universes intrude upon the world
im dancing on.
we're mining for ore nothing to see here
just the sweating families guzzling honey
to fuel the beer industry
electric food take forget.
stupid cow your loud mouth
will be taken out.
Australia how do you spell loud mouth?
mongo stay.
wipe the slate clean
no more thinking

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