Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Sending energy out
large balls ripple
shared among vibrations
lights from behind closed doors
cannot be silenced
so we're all the same
discounts my gift
my hand is numb
with no one to sue.
I guess I'll push a cart
with towels tied to my feet
I'll be free.
Go south in the winter.
Some water is needed
to cloud out the sun
feeding on humans is hot business.
The cows forever marching
smiling cheese
forever switzerland
on nobody's side.
Or Sweden I see you there
bored and unimpressed
how many times will this get replayed?
Till one of us gets it right.
One of three.
Pinched nerve carpal tunnel
stretch it out.I am my bodies keeper.
The Africans are pissed off
you mention them showing people in native garb
this is the 21st century no one wears that shit.
We have the internetz.
Cold eyes and knowledge.
Your bank accounts.
Credit card generators
welcome to the dark side.
Worn out bodies functioning low
you know a little water would do.
We're either starving or natives
With a little sympathy, the war machine,
could make it rain
turning away
Boo hoo
No compassion writhing snake
food,sleep, sex
move the masses forward
pawns falling
the board is big.
I am my brother's keeper.

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