Tuesday, June 11, 2013


What to do when you know the truth
but reality refuses your mind to clear
to what is in front of your face
ever near?
Opportunist who saw an opportunity
who thinks only of himself
what does he have to do to be the way
he wants to be
what game to play
what face to wear
all lies.
The masks i must wear
to stay one step ahead are thinning
truth doesn't live in a lie
so why should i?
Desiring to be free of the game
desiring to lose, win,
no just to end.
It's all these stupid lies.
It's a result of the abuse
knowing why doesn't make it better
i have to get out.
happens every time
i'm not gonna cook
i'm not gonna clean
i'm gonna sleep all day
smoke your weed
live the dream.
till finally you can't take it anymore
no bleach bath will ever clean
the monster you've awoke in me.

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