Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm telling you
reptillian shape shifters
have infiltrated our government.
Yeah they thought I was crazy
but look at me now
other's pay for my insanity.
So I must be right.
Jolly good hip hip hooray
jolly good fellow
I'm in your telephone booth
making a call
why does the great eye see?
If you can answer
my convictions
I'll secede.
Didn't think you had the answer
to the most important
more truth than truth.
Or the question why does it matter?
Something fantastic
something amazing
is what I want to see.
You have created them.
Letting them harvest fear
like good weed
hoarders of gnashing teeth
dripping mouths.
Red eyed sychophants
By consent sucked into tv.
The signal passes both ways.
TV is the mecca of the masses.
One is every home
jolly good johnny now be a good boy
and get a job.
Fuel our hunger for
sharp teeth and gore.
Two sides to every coin
they're not the only ones.
Just one part of the puzzle
the rabbit hole goes deep.
The matrix is a vastness of thought
and spirit
Each thought has a frequency
if all thoughts are tuned into the same frequency
there is unity
It can be viewed on a large grid
large parts of the grid are stronger
than other parts and if a mass of people
think the same thoughts
it can be detected enhanced or thwarted by manipulation.
the grid is condensed to still more vibrations
packed on top of each other till they are turned
inside out.
Infinite frequencies
You can move between these states
by thought vibration.
thought vibration.
there is no time.
Anyway fear feeds the aliens
nothing like a good spot o fear in the morning
jolly good over and out.

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