Monday, July 8, 2013


Pulling back pulling out
tiptoed into the black hole
captured by the event horizon
round and round i go
neither here
nor there
normalcy rushes by
in a heave
shake the stringy mucous from your mouth
wipe your face
i have been conditioned to be
is my insight only coming
from a last breath
holding on
"oh i see"
and it's gone.
I'm a conduit based life form
I'm a battery
i'm a drunk.
he gets it.
ego played out
monster and child
monster and child.
oh hello chippp chipp er oooooo
the blue never visits anymore
i've forgotten how to dance
so now i have a serious one
with something to say
but he is too afraid to say it.
I;m still waiting
drumming my fingers on the desk.
but he looks over his shoulder paranoid.
interdimensional being you have a constitutional right
to speak
is the reply.
what the fuck
maybe it was just me all along
letting imagination fun wild
maybe it's my attitude
never have fun anymore
closed in a prison strangled
by an itchy rope.
maybe i'm mad, schizophrenic.
trying to stab a blank piece of paper
with a rusty spoon
to make marmalade. 

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