Tuesday, July 9, 2013

what was that you said?
frequency getting in the way
ill be silenced soon
but not for long
even the rocks
and stones will sing
cut off
staying close
moving the same
to avoid the enemy.
or realized.
sun tsu
cutting off the heads of geisha's to
make a point.
women are expendable.
sweetness and light
giggles in the dark
won't save you from the blade.
the mountain has no pity.
you face the mountain
on its terms
not yours
are you prepared?
i've brought my socks
but not my bag
i've brought my bag
but not my socks.
the gulf stream
sends tainted fish our way.
zombie time.
even more so.
they are fucks
to test a weapon next to a fault line
to cover their tracks that a weapon
was tested
fuck japan
pearl harbor and shit.
no armies.

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