Saturday, July 20, 2013

liverpool lollis
so polite
who can do wrong when the grass is green
slate is clean
we got this brain
thing down
he'll be fine.
stone walls can't keep
you safe
we'll ease through any defense you choose
are we a threat?
we are.
so look the other way
all is okay
when the time is near
things are clear
we will lift you down
to bring you up.
with laughter, lilacs,
not even silenced yet.
molasses rainbows
maple syrup rings sticky things
the truth a ship ride to a cave
the old man in the mountain sleeps
awakened abruptly
spinning golden threads
of arabian tales
of wheels and cubes
geometric simplicity.
keeping the slumber of the ancient one.
elevator to the sky.
gibberish he coughed and spit coke
one ship just a dust mite
breathed up one hairy nostril
and spits the ship back into
the ocean giant phlegm.
hey dude we found this pyramid under the sea
maps move around
we left some bread crumbs to show where
we'd been.
so we can find our way back
somehow got off track
assimilated in a most disastrous way
swallowed by the borg.
i miss my wings
phantom limb
they're still there in my mind.
maybe in the 11th universe they'll be reclaimed.
but today is not that day.
ladders to the sky
the storm is coming too slow.
lets take an l train to the party
let's go.   

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