Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the earth will survive whatever we do to it.
we will not.
but different aspects of energy are
still energy.
we will be but not be.
expression will be lost.
a hand reaching from the grave
no way out
they have hacked the eternal
and kept it for themselves.
but we all have it
we just forgot
they did not.
same story different page
same page
same story
played over and over again
until we get it right
paint the roses red
to fit your mood.
or forget and get a free ride
into the merry go round
souls in souls out.
i have to come to say
i have nothing to say
they are too close
and every day they surround me.
soon i will have a car crash
or some other unexpected thing.
i will be back
we will start again.
sucks to waste time but
what can you do?

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