Monday, July 22, 2013

self sustainability
do not rely on the system
the system has control of all those things
you think you need
in the drier states
where water is scarce
control is absolute.
if there were water we could drink
below this red rock
what are the bases needs
full fill them
disregard all else.
only zeros and os
and men behind curtains
unsure of what they are doing.
you have as much power as them
the turning of the wheel
those books are bullshit
once people realize this
all hell will break loose
no back to guard no safe to be
walls will come down
and what are we
without these things
keeping us safe?
imagine that.
flesh falls away
pure spirit unafraid.
what then?
bliss, remembrance.
mirrors and alice
still human.
"there is nothing good or bad
but thinking makes it so."
"oh that Shakespearean rag."
I demand stability
I demand chaos.
stasis is death.

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