Friday, July 19, 2013

So i made a stand
with my left hand
now it's numb
creator or replicator
your choice.
grammar nazis sit in paneled rooms
and feel superior
watching the big screen
in the trailer park
hook me up harry
10 dollars a month.
There's a toad in my garden
under a quarter moon
darth vader's masterpeice
downed by a gopher monger 
it stands.
a man stands next to a heaped grave
with a shovel and a smile
spit some mud on the ground
and give me a smile
the cat's dead.,
but i didn't watch it die
i set it free
do or die
how bad do you wanna live?
at least you're/were free.
i see
brown eyes and sand
cold dark stares
around the cube they go
gathering forces
nothing changes
it's just written down
over and over playing the same game
does the pope have a court reporter
keeping this down
cause the second phase
is coming
the book is a living testament
and what is so sig about living things
they always change.
can't be helped
are awakening
but the corn is high
and you'll forget
as long as profits are high.
funny how you churn them out
public education
learned in the cotton fields how to make a man in
seven days
your way.
i don't like it
the earth is hungry
glorifying in wondorous energy
not the crap you're spewing out
bull shit.
it's all a lie.
then what is it?
it's embracing
from small to large
and a lot of laughter.
because everything is funny.
maybe it's a drop out
because you are still investigating
the parameters of your prison
when there is no prison at all.
i'm just a small dot
inside a dot
made of a dot.
not a lot.

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