Saturday, July 20, 2013


IT was the last days of the reign
ordinary men
he looked right then down
heavy was the head
wearing the gold
in the emerald city
belonging to no country.
for god's sake say crown.
knotted stomachs
bile in throats
just get it all up
he was in disarray
things are this way
need to know got to know
couldn't face the discrepancy between
what is and is make believe.
no longer wanting to play he retired to
leave the salamanders losing tales and drinking blood.
with a healthy desire
for fresher and fresher meat.
what does he do now in a lonely room?
never alone
like anyone will believe a 360
the truth is a spiral egg in
a sea of green
sucking the rain from the sky.
it's the next big thing
keeping you informed with movies
you just got to see and believe.
The science is real.

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