Friday, July 19, 2013

not done

like i was saying
the corn is really high
the harvest will be good
do beef prices go down
cuz we did good?
nope they go into the pockets of old men
who hide
and throw lots
and laugh a lot.
people dance through my head
the biggest thing is kindness
dalai lama land
one man walks through
the dimensions
seeing past and future
and picking out artifacts which were his
his soul lasts through
the brain's evolution
imagine that
someone who knows more than you
a threat to the grinding machinery
which chews up all
and spits out nothing
i spread my wings
and throw out
sovereign entity
fear nothing
respect no one
im smoking like the french
back pedaling to cancer land
yay fun.
back stroking to zulu land
im it's biggest fan.
you lost me on that?
my mind's confused
was that me thinking that or you?
ill be back with a slight reprieve
but just one second there is all i need
ready to be alive
till you beat me down again.
i want to be a waste of human flesh
get a job you slob
and pay your way
this is the mother fucking usa.
stand up straight be clean dont be mean
the meek will inherit the earth
yeah right.
the meek will take the boot on the neck
and smile and say
well maybe next week it'll be about me
is closed
and you are a brick
on its golden wall.
screaming for eternity.
do you see.
the only hope in the ghetto.

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