Monday, August 19, 2013

The sun & the moon

Stare at the day and fight
for absolution
each one wins in
their own way.
Encased in filth
layering dust upon dirt
The moon has won
slipping into the crystal caves
resting my head on the pillow
a doorway
everything is light
except two dark eyes walking
smiling light from eye to eye
what do we have today?
what did you bring me?
dit moi
I am part of their light
but vibrating lower
fully exposed to x ray eyes
every word unspoken thought
what did you bring me?
I am dark
i will envelope you and bring you
with me freddie up and out
spit in my mouth
like an alien
from a dream bring you out with me.
you'll never be strong enough
but i like rebellion
shows the mettle the author made
the only good in you is me
that's why you only come in dreams.
See me on my dimensional plane
or the one i step into.
when my body's in the ground.
no light man
like a black mama
in georgia never birthed no babies
but don't you know ms scarlett
we loves you.
i know i loved that movie too
lets be friends.
no. this nighttime shit has got to go
i don't have time for your poking
trying to figure out where
you went wrong.
this is us we are here
you are not
move on.
but we will find a way to you
and stop the shenanigans
because you are real
i know it, they know it,... and one way or another
soon everyone will know it
lets see how far your hand
reaches then.
more than you can do.
multitudes multiplying.
screaming at the same time
would blow your little light head apart.

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