Sunday, August 18, 2013


Now that i have your attention
public education a mass control
herding cattle to the slaughter
i'm tired of being here.
we are ready to leave
we'll be back for the same fight
what is right
what is wrong
how people melt into the sand
for lack of caring sharing what is ours.
I hate it here.
They tell me what happens
when you fail to perceive.
lost nothingness.
i refuse to believe
it will be an aha moment
i'll remember what i was supposed to forget
and stupid me
will be back.
nah i already know
massive factory of souls
no escape even when you're dead.
i create stasis
in this moment
i am everything and nothing at all.
stasis is decay.
it's nice to chill in my ability
body pushing it to its limits
heart pumping
brain firing
burning out
doing everything wrong
the call of the night
is a demon
embracing the moon.
to bob dylan

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