Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hmmmm 562

i need feedback what r u thinking?
picking up keywords
finding i know nothing
even with streudle.
im just a fat lady
living in a fat house
yappity yapping
about things she knows nothing about.
so you get high
so you watch fractals
so you understand the turning of the twisting of the
who knows the answer
who got it right
yes me. microbiology community college
see the dna see the rna see the proteins building
but what does it matter
discuss the parameters of the prison
vibrational properties.
a mathematical equation
a new kanji
yes now i see
how the sword becomes grass
where we lie
side by side
looking at the sky
the sun is warm today
vibrate to the left or right
dimension one
vibrate to the left and right also up and down
dimension two
vibrate to pi while vibrating up down and side to side
dimension three
I am one of three.
3 keys to the universe and you will never put them all together.
I am level three.
achieve unlock
the 2nd horseman.
i am the first.
Upon black wings i come to discuss
never found by a google search
imagine that.
For 40 days and 40 nights i slept in the dessert.
ingested the thoughts and guts
of  sess pools of want.
what would you do when an angel passes by?
offer her hot sauce and work
a way to get by
offer her home and security
find security a lie.
I saw my friend in the desert
he reached out his hand and he pulled me up
out of the darkness
i have come here not of my will
but the will which makes you scream your prayers
to the homeless
and slap leather
to ease your wine soaked mind
to believe tv when you know

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