Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The pilot

Slippery sliming wet lips
chomping mouths
green bellies
thought we would say
a family of dinosaurs about cuts it.
isn't the baby cute
feeding off the blood of dogmatic
non believer
parameters of our prison
discover it.
There are no walls
only doorways
at any one point in time
i am everywhere and nowhere at all.
the coil has the power to do work
not just light the book
lifting stone.
no tractor.
i'm chained by the belly of the chef
get in my belly
chains and ropes
around my neck
dangling from the whim of a spirit.
not enough soap to wash it off.
a sideways glance
at infinity
in the same image as the
is us
we are the universe.
pot gibberish.
one big universe man
we are the cells
in our jails
do some work
make some protein.
build something for god's sake
the universe man sits on the universe couch
once you know all there is to know
where do you go?
no one watches the watchmen
he just looks hard one two three four times
into himself.

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