Sunday, October 27, 2013

all hail mighty beer

Freedom from slavery.
anyway I had a dream of demons and God
demons are real
who knew?
weight on your shoulders gun in your hand
knife in your argument
you'll see his small trench coat
fat bodied sausaged between
and smile on his gold teeth.
isn't life neat?
then you see god
sitting playing chess with the homeless
ready to tell
how the road leads to the sun
and then
we all become
not your fucking collective religion
your money grubbing guru and his bull shit.
marketing fuckers need to die
he had something to say
a lot of nothing to say.
Dubai needs to die
gomorrah is a palm city
in the desert
judgement is swift.
A tsunami is to come.
Muhaamad likes to fuck little girls
and we do not approve.
your tower of babel
needs to take a little ride
to reality. good times.
fun times
who do you think that you are?
Money does not matter
power does not matter
status does not matter
all that matters is the sweet whisper
of butterfly wings
in a dark night
under a full moon.

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