Tuesday, October 1, 2013


What is it I own?
static perception machine
of my own acumen.
Freedom is a shuttered window
a closed door
metal casing closing.
the clanging of a metal cup
against bars
a gorilla's stance
in a cement room.
They never knew the orangutan
hid the key in his mouth
to pick the lock
and make his escape.
Good for him.
I'm with you buddy
though in your anger
you rip the heads from children
with no remorse.
Instinctual survival
of the most scared.
"A ride."
Your eulogy resounds in my head
the god's tool
broke the silence in the room.
I look but it's all gone, again.
we are not the orangutan.
Alexander shook his head
what to do
when "there are no more world's to conquer"?
We'll bake bread in clay ovens
thanking god for warm bellies
clay in clay
a catalyst for our fermentation.
drunk and satiated
till the sun rises again.
Pragmatic practical steps to the end
someone must keep a clear mind
while the cretins while away the time
Latin form christianus (christ's ass or )
an innocent fool. 
Modus of control.
Cognitive dissonance
creates static states 
between truth
and illusion. 
What does a walking perception machine own?
Only this moment.  

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