Sunday, October 27, 2013

i was just lost then i found

I wish i could visit every home
see every face
feel every hand
but i do via the eye
hurts like hell
i could fix it all
one step at a time
i could give satisfaction
to insatisfaction
just to be.
is enough.
Or is it?
I am disappearing
fading away
nothing to say
a small dot
I sit on an empty stage
having nothing to say
no binary genius here
just me
human till the end.
Do you see where we're going?
When I come back again
I'll have a machine head.
problems of the poor
I'll have a chip to buy or sell
this is the future
this is hell.
cuz i like to be free.
We bide our time like we have forever
but we do have forever
back together you and me.
in another time.
Where do we draw the line?
Remember the snake is slow to react.
bureaucracy trap

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