Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank you

Everything seems so wrong
there's no where i can rest
grasping air
I'm not sure I should
but I see no road
no played -out- too- much rewind
Free to go in any direction
at this time just be
it's a lonely way.
Pole dancing on tombstones
in the cemetery at night
but is anything really sacred anymore?
Cat dancing to the blood moon at midnight
la chaim
the wine tastes like deliverance
deliver me from the nothing I've become.
I'm sorry I couldn't be that person
the one you been counting on
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
and don't even care to be.
I'm sorry I didn't cross the t's and dot the i's
in my own life
and everything is falling apart.
but isn't it all just zeros and ones?
I apologize to an empty room
where's mirrors hold my judgement
the gavel,  the sound of my heart beating
the blood to my brain.
I am the nothing that is something
but nothing nonetheless.

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