Friday, November 11, 2011

Safety in Trees

The three
safety in trees
opening to the sky
again something I forgot to remember
They long for the ground
and all the things
needed to make a man.
Trying to bring me back
to a place I don't want to be
whining won't change it I guess
my lot has been thrown
might as well be happy
the masked man is waiting
the trap is set
just a few more steps
I'm all in.
Just wanted a place to hide
but nowhere to run
where there are no eyes.
Not so far in
I can't find the way out
Think this time I can resist
walking your fucking walk to nowhere
How to be strong
but not too strong
How to be soft
but not too soft
How to say enough
just not too much.
Malleable motherfucking clay
illogical stupidity
will I be 85
wrinkled beyond recognition
feeling this way?
God damn.
How do I turn it off?
There has to be a button to press
a shift in my mind
a new way of thinking
complete perception.
Maybe it's like being ill
you just gotta wait it out
do the opposite
of what you feel.
There is safety in the trees
but what do I do when I'm not there?

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