Monday, October 31, 2011


It all started with a desire to run
with the wolves
the sheep are baaing
and the rabbits are running
everything you want me to be is melting
into the rag shoes I tie on my feet
the shuffling homeless gait
the freedom in my eyes.
I'm sorry I couldn't abide
with your cogwheels turning
your sleeping black snake
and its crumbling house.
The woods are smiling
the sun calls my name
with every beam
breathes me into being.
There's revolution in the streets
screaming chaos
of butterfly wings
of gold falling into blackness
two sides of one coin
Marching feet turn the world
uniforms baying
to a bloody moon
the cat dances fully aware
smiling gathering forces
with a "i'll be by your side"
this time we
will not fail.

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