Friday, October 21, 2011


Sitting in Spain
the happiest time
two face to face
looking forward to a better tomorrow
feet firmly planted into today.
Life happened
those people we used to be
got swept into yesterday
when I look into your eyes
there isn't a part you haven't uncovered
leaving me exposed to the elements; the wrath of your will
having given up a will of my own
to continued unity.
No way out of the picket fence
the flowers carefully manicured lawn
The faint brush of your lips in passing
"Baby how was your day?"
It was a morning noon and night
nothing more or less
having nothing to say
turning inward
devouring myself each time
you forget.
I have some rocks in my pocket
the stream runs swift
i've left you my ghost
this silent gift.
How beautiful you were when I first held you
how deep were your eyes
the crushing softness of our embrace
the way nothing else mattered
all a memory of another time.
I prostrated all that I was
to the omnipotence of your presence
but my god has clay for feet
and iron spokes
for wheels turning
all I have are grains of sand
between my toes
the heaviness of my dress
the weight of my boots
the rocks in my pocket
a will resolute.
Slyvia what is it you want?
I want to die.

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